Video Transcription

Convert your audio and video content to searchable, editable, and interactive transcripts. This way you can let the world hear what they want from their own perspective rather than yours. The input is a bit generic in terms of how it presents its focus on converting media into something that’s more accessible or valuable so we will offer insight as to why this might be important by mentioning accessibility.

Why choose


Time Effective

Time moves on and you can’t stop its flight. It’s not a matter of will or strength but one thing that cannot be ignored: timeliness! What good does it do to hear about the world at five minutes per hour? Ten minutes an hour? One minute fifty-six seconds every two hours? Keep up with current events by converting your audio and video into text in only 24 HOURS (not days)!


Cost Effective

In today’s economy, time is not a luxury. It has become an investment in our future—something to be protected and nurtured like any other resource. The cost of traditional architecture services can quickly stack up into the tens or even hundreds of thousands without careful consideration for how it will impact your bottom line over time as you grow with these expenditures.

We recognize this problem, so we offer fractionalized design packages that come at a lower price point than what most firms charge for their full-service solutions but still provide accurate representation and analysis on each phase of your project from concept through construction documents all within budget-friendly pricing structures such as monthly installments or yearly subscriptions that are less expensive upfront yet more affordable and long term.


Mind Effective

Searching your audio files is easier than ever! You can now find what you’re looking for in seconds, all with the help of our new search engine. If you need to do a lot of quick research,  is the best tool for finding what you’re looking for. It features instant word recognition and text-to-speech capabilities that make it easy to find quotes from authors or keywords related to your topic in seconds!

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Trusted by millions is trusted by over 10 million people in the media industry, including journalists and reporters who use it to quickly understand qualitative feedback from their content-driven research methods.

The solution has helped organizations like gathering important insight on issues such as freedom of the press or social justice across 196 countries around the world while also providing a tremendous boost for UX researchers working with large amounts of data without needing any prior coding experience whatsoever!

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