Translator NDA

Translator NDA

This Non-Disclosure Agreement is effective from the date of acceptance by the client, Lingopot Limited, located at Lunga Lunga Square, Industrial Area, 3rd Floor Room 304, Nairobi Kenya. This agreement is in the pact between the client and the translator. As per the agreement terms, both participants in the pact are referred to as a “party” or “parties” in collective measure. In respect to the terms and conditions of the agreement, both parties agree to the following terms and conditions.



Lingopot Limited has decided that you will continue to render translation services to us (opportunity). However, through this opportunity, Lingopot Limited wishes to inform you that there are other businesses and technical information that you should treat with discretion. As such, we would like you to treat all the information we share with you with the confidentiality we desire.

Confidential Information

  1. Definition

Lingopot Limited wishes to clarify the type of information to treat as confidential by outlining that confidential information is shared with you in any form, orally, written, or through electrical means. Lingopot Limited also clarifies that the type of information shared to you in terms of and without limitation, product plans, customers, research, marketing and finance, drawings, designs, hardware, products and services, data, configuration information, prototypes, etc. confidential information is limitless, as it ranges to information shared from Lingopot Limited or its shareholders, or any other party acting on behalf of Lingopot Limited as outlined or in this agreement or disclosed after that. Therefore, this agreement acts to clarify the type of information to serve as confidential and to the benefit of our terms and conditions and this partnership.



Lingopot Limited wishes to clarify that confidential information does not; i) stretch to the information shared or let out in public before signing this agreement. Every action that happened before this pact does not fall under the confidentiality agreement; ii) Any information in your docket after this agreement leaks to the public space and out of your responsibility. Herein, you are responsible for any information leak happening within the boundaries of your own company and not from outside; iii) any information that you will be in your possession at the time or after the signing of this agreement but not clarified by Lingopot Limited as confidential information before disclosure.


  1. Compelled Disclosure.

In the case where you face legal obligations to share or disclose information about Lingopot Limited pursuant to the confidential agreement, you shall share the concern with Lingopot Limited so that appropriate legal actions can be taken to counteract the legal concerns thereof. If Lingopot Limited fails to provide an appropriate or applicable remedy to the situation, you shall only disclose the confidential information as per the legal requirements. However, other portions of the confidentiality agreement shall remain intact, as those other segments shall remain to be pursuant to the confidentiality agreement. Hence, any form of exposure to legal requirements shall be strictly relevant to the legal demands and no more.


  1. Non-use and Non-disclosure

 You shall be restricted on using the confidential information at your disposal and only be liable to be used in the evaluation and engagement of the performances in relation to the opportunity. Therefore, you shall be bound by the confidential agreement to keep secure and safe any information related to Lingopot Limited, with the only exception being the permission of Lingopot Limited to release such information. You shall protect every information about Lingopot Limited even to its employees, with the only exception being to the conditions as stated in Section 3 below. You are permitted to share confidential information with professional information handlers like lawyers and accountants only if they must use the information to evaluate the performance of your services, with the condition that those who access the confidential information on Lingopot Limited must agree and sign the confidentiality agreement. You shall not alter, disassemble or reverse engineer any contents of this agreement, as we have consented to the agreements as they have appeared herein.