Subtitling For Film & TV

It’s not just for hard-of-hearing people. There is a booming job market in the entertainment industry, and among them, captioning provides another opportunity to make money while having fun. It’s essential to work that can be done from anywhere with an internet connection as long as you have enough time on your hands! Regarding post-production closed captioning, Lingopot is the way to go if you have feature films, television dramas, or other dramatic narrative content destined for TV.

If your service of choice includes iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu, extra attention needs to be paid to ensure compliance with their requirements. Feature films and dramatic content typically contain atmospherics (music and sound effects) This type of content requires extra review to fine-tune the caption timing and format because it has different standards for captions than “regular” videos do – which is why we’re here! We make sure that closed captions conform to these industry standards by perfecting their time synchronization with onscreen cues and making them easy enough to read without having too much scrolling. We know that you need a solid social media presence to be successful and must have access to the proper marketing channels. But what if your video content isn’t captioned? You won’t ever reach many people with hearing disabilities or international audiences who don’t speak English fluently.

Adding captions is easy! Just submit both a low bit-rate proxy version of your video and an indexed copy of the screenplay, for our expert transcribers will do all the work for you. Next, AST will take care of your caption reviews. They’ll make changes to the captions that a trained editor has reviewed for accuracy and then deliver them in formats needed by major VOD distributors so you can get it all set up with your distributor or post-production house.

The review includes:


Fine-tuning and adjusting results according to requirements.


Producing accurate closed caption files ready for delivery


Accurate caption timing.


Speaker ID is custom formatted


Description and notation of atmospherics

Both captions and audio are an integral part of video storytelling. Captions, for example, need to be given precise timing to make a movie or TV show more accessible for deaf viewers who cannot rely on hearing the sound as they watch it. Audio is also important because it helps those with sensory processing disorder know which sounds come from were around them to better understand what’s happening during such moments as car crashes and other chaotic scenes when different things may coincide.

The captioning standard must meet VOD distributors’ exacting requirements; this means using clear language at good speeds while avoiding superfluous content like repeated words or phrases (known colloquially as “greeking”). As far as background music goes. It is perfect if you are on a budget but still need quality results quickly – so go ahead! This entire process takes less than a week to deliver, providing you with “curtains ready” closed captioning services that will be done within days instead of weeks without any additional costs. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can turn your film or show into captions in less than a week. Then everyone will be able to enjoy it! Visit