Corporate Secretarial Services

Lingopot is a company that provides corporate secretarial services intending to bring you an innovative and cost-effective solution to your business needs. Lingopot can help in all aspects, from preparing annual reports, incorporating businesses for equity sales or mergers, and taking care of ongoing legal work such as drafting contracts and wills. The corporate secretary’s work involves many varied tasks, including, airing grievances of employees or shareholders with the Board and ensuring that all meetings are documented and on time replying to correspondence promptly.

Statutory books

Statutory Affairs prepares, writes up, and updates all statutory books. These books include:


The share certificate book


The minute book


Register of members

Company Seal

Common seals have been used for centuries to attest to the affixation of a document. This is done by imprinting it with ink and then pressing or embossing wax, clay, paper pulp (wax-seal), gum Arabic on parchment over it to seal the contents inside from prying eyes. Company seals are usually round as opposed to square because they represent eternity and can be seen from any angle due to their circular shape; some company seals also include symbols found in logos that symbolize entities such as success or purity, which may further signify what kind of person would work there.

Annual General Meeting

A company will often hold an annual general meeting to provide shareholders with the opportunity to attend and vote on any proposed changes. A secretary does the following:


Prepare and dispatches the notice of AGM by email


Takes minutes of AGM.


Circulates the AGM minutes to members by email


Prepares and dispatches any required Extraordinary General Meeting via e-mail

Statutory obligations

To maintain compliance with statutory obligations, the company needs to:


Prepare and file an annual return


Register it with a relevant government agency

The same goes for audited financial statements that need to be registered too. There are many other tasks your business will have when filing a tax return – these include registering any changes in directors or members of companies as well as dealing with any charges, debentures, etc., all of which must be filed accordingly by law.” Making crucial business decisions is difficult. Searching for outside help can be a valuable resource when making these tough, life-changing decisions.

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