Powerpoint Services

A lot of people use PowerPoint for presentations. It is a valuable tool to communicate information engagingly and can be used as either the main presentation or supplemented with other media, such as videos.

However, it has been found that overuse may lead to boredom among audience members because they are expected to read through slides that contain only text formatted into bullet points instead of watching exciting video content.

Designing slides has never been more accessible

Ever wanted to know how to create well-designed, impactful slides? Look no further than www.lingopot.com Designer and Ideas in PowerPoint. With these tools, you can be sure that your presentations will always impact those who view them.

3D isn’t just for the films

3D is more than just for the film. Now you can easily insert 3D objects and embedded animations directly into PowerPoint decks from your files or a library of content with Office 365. When we would pass around paper copies to tell people about our products, the old days are long gone. Today, it’s as easy as embedding an animation in PowerPoint that shows off what makes them so fantastic! Microsoft has been working hard on new features like this one- called “3DSketch” – which allows us to create life-like virtual prototypes without any design skills. Pretty cool, right?

Interact naturally using voice, touch, and ink

Turn your thoughts into a digital masterpiece with the use of interactive technology. With voice, touch, and ink, you can convert handwritten notes to text in seconds and perfect just as quickly.

Nail that presentation

The Presenter Coach is a free, online tool that helps you nail your next presentation by practicing your speech and recommending changes to pacing and word choice.

Be on that same page

We see change as a natural part of the editing, but it can be challenging to navigate if you don’t know where things stand. So to help keep you on track and collaborate with your team better,  www.lingopot.com have introduced this “while-you-were away feature” which tracks any changes by other editors in that deck, so you always know what’s going on!

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