Multilingual Captioning

With the rise of social media and video-sharing sites, it has become necessary for businesses to cater to their products and content to a diverse audience. Multilingual Captioning was created in response to this need. They are experts at translating videos into other languages so that people worldwide can enjoy them even if everyone does not speak English in your market. Feedback on services has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers praising its speed and accuracy!

At, our experienced subtitle translators know how to retain the meaning and context of your original video while also considering timing, character limits, and reading speed. Let us help you reach global audiences by providing subtitles in over 1000 languages.

Flexibility and Formatting

Many of our customers request subtitles in a variety of file formats. The most common is.SRT, which we can deliver quickly! However, if you have particular formatting needs for your subtitling project or want us to complex code the subtitle, just let us know. You should subtitle your video to engage international audiences. It is no secret that videos are one of the most effective marketing tools available, and it’s continuing to grow in popularity.

Studies show that consumers prefer video when introduced to a product or service and for eLearning and educational purposes. If you want an engaged audience, then quality subtitling is crucial because nuanced, culturally appropriate translations build trust by enabling viewers with different backgrounds to have a deep understanding of what they watch while also having full access without needing extra help from others around them who may speak English as their first language.

We take the time to understand your specific needs, including everything from linguistic variations to file format and post-production specs. Then, our expert translators will recreate your content preserving the intent and tone for foreign audiences in various languages. English is the official language for more than 20% of all United Nations member states, and they are not alone.

The most recent research has revealed that English is the second- or third-most spoken native language in at least 54 countries worldwide, including Saudi Arabia, even Taiwan! For companies to grow efficiently without losing their competitive edge, it’s vital that every employee can speak this international business lingua franca fluently. That’s where we come in: Lingopot provides professional translation services from a global network of trusted linguistic experts who specialize in translating between any number of languages with experience spanning over two centuries worth.

If you’re looking for someone reliable to make your voice heard loud and clear on an international, were are a click away.

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