Live Captioning

Live Captioning is a program that allows hard-of-hearing individuals to enjoy watching television, movies, and theater performances live. Live captioning programs enable deaf people to watch TV shows broadcasted on TV and see any written dialogue during stage plays or musicals in theaters across America with subtitles.  captioners are the best in the industry. They create high-quality captions that can be displayed as a full screen of text or embedded into your video for people watching online who cannot hear what is being said in the audio.

In addition, our live captions make content more accessible and reachable to anyone with hearing impairments – help us share our innovative service today!

Why Use Live Captions?


Lingopot is a platform that allows for live captioning of any meeting, lecture, event, or other activity. It creates an inclusive experience by allowing everyone to access the spoken content in real-time through captions on their screens. This way, nobody misses out!


If you want to make sure that everyone in the room can understand what is being said, then live captions are a must. In addition, live captions help those with hearing problems and improve comprehension for students and people with English as an additional language by teaching them how words sound together when spoken aloud.


Live captions, delivered to any web-enabled device, enable full access and inclusion of all. This is especially important because many people have hearing disabilities, making it difficult for them to participate in phone conversations or meetings conducted via a speakerphone. This idea has been around since the 1970s and was first used by deaf students who were not able to receive information from their teachers during lectures due to their use of sign language instead of oral speech, as well as other forms of communication that render someone unable to hear what’s being said unless aided with subtitles (which are also available on some live captioning services).

Nowadays, just about anyone can take advantage even if they don’t need this service; you might be watching TV late at night without headphones.

Live Captioning Features

We make it easy for your live captions to be delivered anywhere and anytime. Our team of professionals will take care of the transcription, regardless if you need instant or delayed transcripts. Therefore, there’s no reason not to broadcast that event now with our service in place from start to finish.

Display Options: Our live captions are flexible to meet your needs. Choose whether you want our captioner or a friend of yours to write the transcript for you and if so, we will give them login credentials with permission to do that on behalf of whomever they’re writing it for. If not, upload an audio file in any language (unfamiliar one) and type out what you hear!

We’re on the cutting edge of technology

When it comes to lecture capture and media management, we integrate directly with industry-leading systems to provide a seamless experience for our customers. If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, live captions are the best way to enjoy TV. As your favorite show plays in real-time, our team of captioners will transcribe everything being said aloud and display it on a screen for viewers like yourself who can’t hear what is happening!

With over 10 million people using this service every day across America alone – we know you’ll love scrolling through all these fantastic shows with us. Lingopot is a captions company that provides live captioning services for events, conferences, and classes.

We have been transforming these types of activities since 2007 by providing accurate transcripts in real time to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our team consists mainly of people with disabilities themselves to empathize with the needs individuals may come across when attending an event where there aren’t any accommodations made for them.

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