Ebook Services

The eBook industry is more competitive than ever, and there are many options to choose from Many people may be interested in what’s new with Amazon, Barnes Noble, Kobo, or Google Play Books. It can feel like a daunting task to explore each platform because they do not offer the same features for you as customers, but it just might take some exploration before deciding which service best suits your needs!

A person who wants various books will find that Kindle Unlimited offers many titles at $9 per month. Another customer looking only for classics on their phone would want something different such as Nook’s option where all monthly members get access to one classic book free every day. We see exponential growth in the digital market as websites like www.lingopot.com offers excellent services when it comes to eBooks.

Lingopot has traditional and cutting-edge tools to keep publishers in control, including Adobe Content Server DRM protection software that keeps their eBooks safe from being pirated or hacked through an unauthorized file download link. We’ve seen a huge increase in sales over time because we have all these resources for our clients and some new things coming up soon (for instance) with Digital Warehousing where they can upload content to us securely, so it’s not clogging up bandwidth on your servers!

A Trusted Player In The Digital Realm

Lingopot has been leading the digital transformation of publishing since 2001. We’ve seen how eBooks have gone from being just a trend to an industry essential in only 15 years, and we want our clients—smaller publishers who need assistance navigating this ever-changing market – to benefit as much as possible. As part of Lingopot’s dedication to its own employees’ success at all levels within our company, while simultaneously providing them resources they can’t get anywhere else on such short notice or with such ease (or without spending dollar after dollar), we are investing heavily into acquiring new technologies.

Access to the Digital Marketplace

Our comprehensive expertise and partnerships with major eBook vendors allow publishers to capitalize on the growing demand for digital content. With over 100 affiliates, we can help you reach a global audience of readers who are eager to purchase eBooks from your website or store.

Mastery of both Print and eBook Marketing Services

Lingopot has been a digital partner for very many years. Our methodology of using data-driven marketing to promote the physical and digital editions is unparalleled in our industry, as we were one of the first agencies that combined print with online efforts in order to create an integrated campaign. Through strategic analyses and thoughtful executions, Lingopot’s team helps publishers maximize their content distribution channels by working closely on both mediums simultaneously; this ensures greater visibility across all formats while providing readers instant access from any device or location they prefer. Lingopot was founded over 25 years ago when eBooks emerged onto bookstore shelves alongside traditional books – heralding what would soon enough be known as “eCommerce.” We quickly recognized how important it has knowledge about publishing.

Digital Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services

Lingopot publishers can submit a PDF of an eBook to the digital marketplace with ease. Lingopot handles all aspects from file conversion, quality control, vendor relations and more while answering any questions you may have along the way through their streamlined process. To top it off they use Adobe Content Server for protection against piracy which is considered by many as trusted encryption software in this industry today!

Our clients receive anytime access to their finished eBook files, which are stored on Lingopot’s secure servers. This is a great resource for our authors because they will never have to worry about losing the content of their books again! They can even get insights into how well and where people are reading through an online reporting tool that provides publishers with sales data such as customer type or format.
Visit our website now for eBook services: www.lingopot.com