Corporate Transcription Services

Transcription services are an integral part of the corporate world. We take dictations from executives, transcribe them into word documents and send them to their staff for distribution. However, transcriptions can be time-consuming because they require a lot of attention to detail. We have multiple clients with different needs that vary in length, content level, and urgency. Therefore, it’s important we as transcriptionists maintain our focus on what is being said rather than getting distracted by other tasks like sorting mail or making coffee which could lead to errors when typing up transcripts or, worse yet, misspelled words in large blocks; of text, leading readers off track completely!

Corporate transcription is a skill that can be helpful to office managers, executive secretaries, and more. Transcribing involves typing up records of meetings and other corporate activities and producing dictation or proofreading for mistakes found in work. It requires strong typing skills and good listening skills, so you don’t miss any important information during your recordings.

Essential Information

Associate degree programs that focus on administrative support or business develop the necessary skills for corporate transcription, such as accurate keyboarding and familiarity with business terminology. Often, these are required to be good at what they do in their career path because of its relation to the job description.

For example, certification is offered for fields related to law or medicine (even if an individual isn’t interested). In addition, corporate transcriptionists provide typed records of meetings, training sessions, seminars, etc., so people can catch up after being absent from office hours due to illness/ family obligations – which not only benefits them but also helps coworkers who have missed out too!

Transcriptionists may be called on to perform various tasks depending on the individual or business needs, such as taking dictation for correspondence and other documents. Many people don’t know that transcriptionists might also edit and proofread their work to produce polished publications! Our corporate transcriptionists are often called upon to do work for a wide variety of industries. They are accurate typeists with excellent language skills and good interpersonal abilities to understand people from all backgrounds, accents, and speech patterns.

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