Copy Typing Services

Our copy typing services will convert your PDFs, pictures, handwritten text, and scanned pages into an easy-to-use Word doc. Let our team of expert typists help you with all the conversions and formatting needs that come up from time to time! At, we provide quick and affordable copy typing services for individuals and corporations of all sizes! We have a wide variety of turnaround time options available to accommodate your needs – from same-day turnarounds to next month’s deadlines. Let us take care of the tedious tasks so that you can focus on what matters most – getting back into work mode! We are the best hands-on conversion service in town. We can convert PDFs to text for you with an accuracy rate of 99%. Have some old lease or contract that needs correcting? Send it our way, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! You have a lifetime of experience to draw from. We can help you make it look even better with our creative expertise in document design and typesetting for letterheads, envelopes, brochures, or marketing materials—whatever the project demands! It’s hard to believe that 50 years ago, we did not have the internet and all sorts of new technologies. It is incredible how much easier it became for us as time went on – with typewriters, there were many chances you could miss out a word or make an error in your document because if you wanted to fix anything, well. We have the tools to take your document from cluttered chaos into a polished and professional-looking product. You can get a clean, ready-for print copy as well as a tracked changes version with all our edits visible so that you’re sure everything is perfect before printing.

There’s also the option of adding comments throughout each chapter, which become easy-to-remove proofreading marks when it comes time to publish! At the end of a long process, we will have your project looking perfect. After you approve our work with seals and signatures, it’s on to printing! We offer a wide range of editing services to help improve the quality and readability of your document.

For example, if you have any documents that need proofreading, we can revise them for typos or mistakes in grammar, such as incorrect past tense usage or missing punctuation marks. Our writers will also ensure sentences make sense without being repetitive about one topic while still fitting into paragraphs correctly.

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