About Us

Lingopot Limited-Your Global Language Partner

Translation services are quickly becoming a necessity in today’s globalized society. But not all translation companies provide the same quality of service, which is why it’s essential to find one that fits your preferences and needs.

Lingopot Translation Services is a Language Solutions Provider that was founded in the year 2006 at Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa’s hub for most global businesses. The company was started to bridge the translation gap that existed between brands that wanted to expand their businesses into the country and majorly as a way of easing communication and breaking language barrier. To meet our growing client needs, the company that started as a translation service provider gradually ventured to Writing Services, Transcription Services, Voice over, Commercial Editing and Proofreading, Subtitling, Localization, Interpretation, Desktop Publishing, Design and multilingual SEO. We operate from Kenya as our head office with representations in Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Sweden, Denmark, Congo, The Netherlands,  France, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Korea, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, India, Spain, and Sudan and memberships globally. Lingopot Translation Services offers exclusive translation services with knowledgeable and experienced professionals in translation tasks in all fields. The company has all-around specialists who ensure that delivering quality services is at the apex of our company’s core business. Being located in Nairobi, Kenya Swahili happens to be the most common language spoken across many countries that border Kenya and across Africa at large.  We have native Swahili linguists that are also experienced in additional languages spoken as their mother tongue.Should you have any documentaries or huge projects about any African Languages, Lingopot Translation Services will be happy to partner with you in making the project a reality. We also have native linguists from other parts of the world.

 A lot goes into translating something: understanding what each word means in context, knowing how they sound when spoken aloud–and this can be difficult enough even without having some cultural nuances thrown at us!–which is why finding the right company should go beyond just checking their prices.

Vision and Mission Statement



Our vision is to fasten globalization for countries that seek to expand into local markets through language localization.



• Provide a variety of bespoke language services and solutions to our clients;
• Provide exemplary quality and service delivery within agreed timelines;
• Have representation in all countries around the globe;
• Guarantee Client and Vendor satisfaction and engagement;
• Make profits to take the company to greater heights of prosperity!

Principles and values

Every successful organization is driven by Principles and Values that aid in the provision of quality services to clients. Our vendors and staff are driven by:

Leadership – We provide great leadership that is performance and metrics driven.  We ensure that we reward good talent by recognizing great performance by mentoring them to be global market leaders.  Our services aim at choosing only the best talents carefully elevated through different power ranks within the company.

Industry Driven – We provide all services in all industries. We have different linguists working in their areas of expertise hence they will only work on an area they have experience in.  This gives you confidence that the quality will not be compromised.

Non-Disclosure – We understand that the documents our vendors work on are very important and deserve to be treated with utmost confidentiality.  Before all vendors are registered on our vendor portal, they have to sign a Service Level and Non Disclosure Agreement that guarantees data safety.  Clients also sign a data privacy agreement before assigning us work.

Growth – We are constantly doing research and expanding into new markets and service industries.  We also grow and develop our vendor base.  Our linguists start off as Standard Vendors then Graduate to Premium and Lastly Platinum vendors.  Clients have a choice to choose which vendors will work on their files based on the listed industry expertise the linguists will have achieved.

Open Always – Are we open always? Yes! Our services are available 24/7.  It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you come from.  We will respond to you and place your project at any time including weekends.  We have dedicated teams working around the clock to your satisfaction.

Professionalism – Our teams will stop at nothing to provide exemplary service with professionalism as their unique value proposition.

Original – We value our corporate image that is why we endeavor to partner with only native linguists along the globe for service delivery.  We also ensure linguistic validation is done across all projects to ascertain quality.

Training — We are always learning something new that will help us do a given task better.  Our linguists usually have an interactive training before embarking on any project to ensure that they understand their expectations in the project.

Training and Certification also ensures that only the best qualify to work on projects.

Lingopot Translation Services Strategy

Translation services are made available to companies to assist in creating and implementing a cohesive translation strategy. We’re dismantling the obstacles that impede a genuinely global digital experience.

We refer to this as our strategy – we call it Optimize, Automate, and Organize. It enables your money to go further, reduces the amount of time it takes to create content, and ensures your material gets to a bigger audience. It doesn’t matter whether you have 17 years of expertise servicing companies of various sizes; we’re here to serve you as well! Lingopot Translation Services is a go-to partner among B2B, thanks to hard work and constant innovation in the industry in close to two decades. Lingopot Translation Services is trusted by 100+ customers from over 100 countries to deliver linguistics-related services in over 150 language combinations, all strategically situated around the globe.

To provide exceptional products while also delivering fantastic customer service, we stick to transparent translation procedures and constant quality assurance while simultaneously implementing customized, adaptable, and agile cutomer care. We spend a significant amount of time and money on emerging technologies to allow customers to have a smooth translation process. To help our clients succeed in their global presence, market in new markets, and reach their set targets internationally, we offer an array of comprehensive language solutions, including fast, transparent, and export-oriented service, real-time progress tracking, and multi-scale quality assurance procedures. In addition, we work with businesses of all sizes, including technology, life science, manufacturing, and software, to customize language solutions to their unique needs.

We pride ourselves in being one of the most diverse translation companies, working with a wide range of languages and industries. Our global network includes more than 4,000 translators who work across all types of media formats to provide our clients with accurate translations that are timely and cost-effective. 90% of our clients come back as return customers and refer clients as much as they can. 

We’ve designed our business around just one goal: being your most trusted partner on the global stage. We do this by providing you with world-class solutions while adhering to five key principles from design through implementation across all work areas of our organization – customer commitment, team ethic, creativity, innovation, and knowledge sharing.